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OBTAINING A LIST OF YOUR SPONSORS & SENDING A THANK YOU NOTE: To protect the privacy of the people who donate to the Swim-A-Thon, King Aquatic Club & KING Boosters will NOT post the names of the donors on this website. However, we do keep a list of donors for each swimmer. If you would like to have a list of the people who donated for your swimmer(s), just send an email request and I will send you the list. Once you have the list, please have your swimmer(s) send a thank you note to your sponsor ASAP! As a suggestion, personalize your thank you note and include a photo of your swimmer(s) during competition or around the pool at a swim meet. Visit the KING photo section to get information for access to Walgreens for swim meet photos, click here...


Welcome to the 2010 King Swim-A-Thon!  The Swim-A-Thon is our main fundraiser of the year, so it’s important that all families get up to speed on what we are doing and join in on the fun.  The format for the event has changed a bit for 2010. Please read the entire overview document to become familiar with key dates, tips for success, who to contact for help, and information about the Swim Event on 1/29/10.  We are excited to get started with our Swim-A-Thon and look forward to 100% participation from families and swimmers.  There are some cool prizes and giveaways planned for the donation campaign and the swim event that you will want to read about.

This year we are also using the KING Boosters Facebook page for Swim-A-Thon information – check it out!

(5/18/2010) The donation status list has been updated.

(3/15/2010) The FINAL Swim-A-Thon prize list report is posted above. This list reflects the swimmer fundraising efforts at the 2/28/2010 cut off date. We continue to receive fundraising donations in the mail and will continue to post for swimmer credit, but it will not change the final prize report. The training site competition status list is updated (see below). The KENT POOL wins followed by Mercer Island/Bellevue!


1 Kent Meridian Pool (KM) 73 $19,693.25 $269.77
2 Mercer Island/Bellevue (MIB) 42 $8,171.00 $194.55
3 Mount Rainier Pool (MR) 13 $1,590.00 $122.31
4 Fife Swim Center (FSC) 38 $4,425.00 $116.45
5 King County Aquatic Center (KCAC) 149 $16,297.00 $109.38
6 Covington Aquatic Center (TAH) 53 $5,275.00 $99.53
Combined All KING Training Sites 368 $55,451.25 $150.68
Note: Rankings are calculated by site $ average

(2/28/10) The Swim-A-Thon fundraising part has ended! All money collected needs to be turned in ASAP for prize recognition. 

The Training Site Competition STATUS report is now posted. Please see chart above.

(1/28/10)    The TEAM list has been revised and the DONATION STATUS report is now posted. Please see the links above!

(1/23/10) We have a winner in the Swim-A-Thon donut contest! Kent wins donuts with an average of 9.6 letters/emails sent per swimmer!!! Other results - Fife 8.6, KCAC 4.8, MR 4.6, Tahoma 2.9, MIB 2.3. See the overall results. We have sent out over 2,000 letters/emails so far. Keep 'em coming for beanies and prizes! Good job everyone!


Pool Requests &
Roster Avg. per
Kent-Meridian 680 72 9.4
Fife 327 38 8.6
KCAC 710 149 4.8
Mt Ranier 55 12 4.6
Covington/Tahoma 156 54 2.9
Mercer Island/Bellevue 96 41 2.3
TOTAL 2024 336 5.5

The Prizes for the Swim-A-Thon are now posted. Current standings for the DONUT CONTEST show Kent-Meridian in the lead, but there are still two days to get in your letters and Firstgiving evidence of emails sent out to qualify for donuts at your 1/25 practice!

Swim-A-Thon 2010 Overview document is available, click here.

Start getting your addresses ready! A great tip is to pre-print mailing labels for potential donors and return mailing labels (your address).
Pool reps will be distributing the donation letters, envelopes, and stamps starting 1/14/10.

The prizes and levels from USA Swimming will remain the same. The 2010 KING Boosters prize list is coming soon. All participants who send at least 10 letters or emails before the swim event on 1/29/10 will receive a FREE King Beanie! In addition, each participant who raises $200 or more will be eligible for additional prizes. NOTE: If you are a family team, you will share your prize with other family team members.

KING Swim-A-Thon beanie design, click here!

Last year KING raised over $56,000 helping to fund programs such as financial aid, relays at meets, team travel, developmental/novice group mini meets, and more. Our goal is 100% participation by all families during the 2010 KING Swim-A-Thon. If we meet that goal and each family raises $200, we will easily surpass our team record and achieve the goals established by the KING Boosters Board for the 2010-11 swim season! It is not hard and does not take much time or effort. All we ask of you is to try and make an effort to help fundraise through Swim-A-Thon. You will be amazed at how many people WILL give even in these economic conditions. All you have to do is just ask using the tools we provide. Remember, these goals benefit ALL swimmers.

For any questions, please contact:

Crista Haugen (206-384-1511) or Tara Vagen (206-790-2757)

KING Swim-A-Thon Coordinators

Email: or

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