The following KING uniform standard applies to ALL swimmers who are members of King Aquatic Club. 



KING Black Swim Cap (Latex or Silicone) - This is the STANDARD uniform swim cap to be worn at ALL practices and swim meets (except at designated finals events). These caps can be purchased from your pool or group representative. Swim caps with names can be purchased three (3) times during the year. Any questions on this cap should be directed to your coach.

KING White Swim Cap (Latex or Silicone) - This is a special incentive FINALS cap to be worn ONLY during finals at prelim/finals designated type swim meets (i.e. PNS Champs, Sectionals, Hyak Festival, etc.). This swim cap may not be worn at practice or at other meets. If your only practice cap is the white one, please turn cap inside-out. Each swimmer who qualfies for finals is given one (1) cap per year. Any questions should be directed to your coach.


KING Tee Shirt (Black, Gray, & White) - This type of shirt must be worn at ALL swim meets. You may also wear KING Swim-A-Thon tee shirts or older retro-style KING tee shirts. NEVER, never where your summer league, high school swim team, college swim team, or previous swim club tee shirt when you are competing as a member of King Aquatic Club! KING tee shirts are available for purchase at designated times. Any questions should be directed to your coach.

KING proudly wears Black, White, & Columbia Blue for our official team colors.

Please wear the following appropriate KING color shirts on each swim meet day.

  • Thursday - wear BLUE tee shirt
  • Friday - wear GRAY tee shirt
  • Saturday - wear WHITE tee shirt
  • Sunday - wear BLACK tee shirt

TYR is our Sponsor! - Please buy TYR suits, goggles, etc. If you are buying other items, you are not supporting our team. TYR is very generous with KING. As an organization, TYR shows our logo in their international catalogue, gives us the prizes for our Swim-A-Thon, outfits our national team, gives American Short Course Champ qualifiers and above (state of the art) ’technical’ suits and warm ups (most other team’s contracts require swimmers to make US Nationals for the same support level), give a discount on all suits, goggles and other items, outfit our coaching staff in polo shirts, bags, and watches. TYR supports us in many ways. Showing your appreciation is simple. Buy TYR products!  Coach Sean

Technical Racing Suits - King Aquatic Club is a TYR sponsored team. The list below was provided by TYR to FINA and have been approved effective December 20, 2013.


  • TYR Fusion
  • TYR Tracer Light
  • TYR Tracer Light B-Series
  • TYR Tracer Light C-Series
  • TYR Tracer Light V-Series
  • TYR Tracer Light X-Series 
  • TYR AP12

NOTE: Standard "old school" style of Lycra racing & Dura Polyester practice swimsuits are still legal. FINA does not require these type of suits to be approved for competition or practice.