KING Booster Nominations Now Open!

 Nominations for positions on the KING Booster Board are now open!

The nomination period will be open until June 29th.  On June 30th, a notice will be sent to members listing the complete slate of nominees.  The following people have been nominated for the following positions:

President (2014)                                         Amy Eha

                                                                   Beau Raines

Secretary (2014)                                        Vickie Callson (returning)

Director of Volunteers (2014)                    Jennifer Kabacy

Director of Member Services (2013)          Grainne Hed (returning)


Please note:  The nominating committee feels it would be a conflict of interest for two members from the same family to serve on the board at the same time.

Serving on the Boosters Board is a great way to support our team and to satisfy your volunteer hour requirement.

To nominate someone, please send an e-mail to

Elections will take place at our annual banquet on July 9th.  We will have a ballot-style vote, so please attend the banquet and vote!


Any questions, please feel free to ask!


Vickie Callson

Secretary and Nominating Committee Chair