2013-14 KING Registration

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Welcome to the KING 2013-14 online registration.


New members, we believe you will find the online registration to be user friendly. Should you have additional questions, give us a call at 206-306-6040.

Returning members, your swimmer information exists in the database. You need only use your login email to read and electronically sign the registration agreements. Please update any information that may have changed.

A welcome letter from CEO Sean Hutchison

KING Swimmers and Parents,

Welcome to a new year with KING!  Thank you for being part of our great organization.  Without your individual participation, work, volunteerism and commitment, we wouldn’t be able to offer the great KING experience we are fortunate to all enjoy. 

We’re excited to get going on another season as we finish the great year we have had. 

Although never perfect, I’m always proud and amazed, as I look at our KING accomplishments.  Consistency at a high level is the hallmark of any great success.  If anything, we are consistent.  From a performance standpoint, we continue to:

·      Win PNS Champs (for the 11th year in a row)

·      Win Sectionals

·      Place swimmers and coaches on US National Teams

·      Have swimmers on the PNS travel teams

·      Break PNS and KING records – the latter is never easy

And, this year, we also broke three (3) National Age Group Records!!

1.     Ethan Dang:  9-10 boys 100 breaststroke

2.     Thomas Anderson:  13-14 boys 100 backstroke

3.     Weiss, Vanderwel, McCann, Sutherland:  15-18 Girls Medley relay

On National Teams:

·      Thane Maudslein

·      Hannah Weiss

·      Coach Tommy Hannan

Over the last decade, KING has had more athletes on National Teams than all of the other teams in the Northwest combined!!

From a coaching perspective, four of our top coaches have been or are approaching a decade with KING. USA Swimming research dictates that this one criteria, coaching longevity at one club, is the most common ingredient in the most successful clubs.  No one else in the area can come close to that.

Our great partners, the KING Booster Club, headed up by Amy Eha, is consistent in offering outstanding support for meets, KING events, pool reps, and a once-again-record-setting SwimAthon!

The SwimAthon was headed up by Laurie Stein and Diana Brown but supported by the entire team - especially Kent Pool whom raised the most per swimmer and had the highest participation.   Coach Keith Ure, the head of the Kent site, consistently delivers in getting the highest participation on our team!

The KING Swimmers and Booster Club raised an astounding  $64,000.

Our operations and office management, headed up by Lisa Vetterlein, is more smooth and consistent than ever.  In that, Lisa is incredibly diligent in ensuring the accounts are correct and any office operations are executed extraordinarily well.

As I said above, consistency is a hallmark of any great success.  And, like I said, “well, we are consistent.”

With that, the downside of consistency can be stagnation.  We are not party to that failure.  The coaching staff continues to look for ways to help our athletes achieve their goals and dreams.

The greatest example in the last year of innovation is the KING Physical Genius Program, headed up by Cejih Yung, and supported by a group of enthusiastic coaches.  The KING Physical Genius program allows access to our youngest swimmers to the most cutting edge motor learning technology in the world, IKKOS (  Through this technology, the Physical Genius swimmers learn great movement patterns both in and out of the pool.  Take a look here for the most recent KING Physical Genius Newsletter. 

Consistent Performance. Innovation. Great people.  A winning team!

What else can you ask for? 

Thank you for joining us for the first time this year or continuing your participation in the KING family.

Good luck to you this year!


Sean Hutchison

KING Aquatic Club