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2017-2018 KING Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/11/17 - 7/1/18

Open for New Members

7/20/17 - 7/1/18



KING 2017-2018 Online Registration is Live!

New Members.  You are welcome to register beginning July 20th, 2017.  The online registration is intended to be user-friendly.  Should you have additional questions, give us a call at 206-854-8141, or email us at

Returning Members.  Welcome back! The site is ready to complete your registration for the coming year. For our planning purposes (ensuring pool space / time, staffing, and budgeting), it is of great help if you register your athletes as soon as possible. To make the registration process easier, your swimmer information already exists in the database. All you need to do is use your login email to read and electronically sign the registration agreements. Before finalizing, please review and update any information that may have changed.

Early Registration Discount! To Receive a 10% Discount off of the KING Annual Registration Fee, Register Before Monday, July 31st, 2017.  

As a final note, please pay close attention to the Work Share Policy from the KING Boosters.  It is important to take the time to read the Work Share Policy to understand fully the details. 


Letter from KING Leadership

KING Swimmers and Parents,

The beginning of every swim year brings new excitement for everyone on the team.  It is a time for big dreams and goals. It’s like a second New Year’s Resolution, where athletes (and coaches) get to reset their actions with exciting accomplishments they aim to achieve. It is always a great time of year.

Along with the coaching staff, I am especially excited about the beginning of this year. We have already seen actions, big and small, restating our focus on living the beliefs which have made KING Aquatic Club such a special place over the years. 

The simple version of those beliefs can be expressed as:

  • Treat everyone on the team as a valued member: Live a great culture.
  • Offer great teaching for our athletes: Provide the technical framework for success.

With a real re-commitment, there are always changes. There are some program changes.  There are some meet schedule changes. There are some staff changes. The one thing I can assure you in these changes is that they have been more thoroughly thought out than at any time within KING’s existence. 

Our goal is plain and simple: to provide the best athletic experience possible for our athletes.

Like any organization with limited resources, things will never be perfect. But, the intent is to continue to provide your family with better service and better coaching.

With that, these evolutions are built on a Mt. Rainier sized Mountain of Success. KING continues its domination of swimming in the Northwest, which has lasted a VERY long time! 

Some examples of our success:  Winning Pacific Northwest Swimming Championships 29 Times in a Row!  Not to mention several records set and broken, annually by KING athletes at all levels.

Program Changes:

This year, we have made some changes to the training fees for the 2017-2018 season. We never take changes in training fees lightly. We always consider your budget in our operational plan. It has been a couple years since there have been training fee increases, despite growing expenses and pool costs.

As suggested, pool rental is always a significant cost within our operation. Pools increase their rental fees due to their own increasing expenses, along with competition of teams looking to secure pool space. For the second reason, securing pool space and appropriate practice times for the coming year (and, of course, appropriate staff), it is of great help if you register early, before July 31st.  For this, we are offering a 10% discount on KING’s Annual Registration fees for families who register on or before July 31st.  Please note:  this does not apply to the USA Registration fee for families who register for two or more athletes.


Message from KING Booster Club

Dear King Families,

KING Boosters Association is excited to welcome you to the 2017-18 season. Whether you're new to KING or a returning family, we look forward to serving you during the season. The mission of the King Boosters Association is to support KING swimmers directly to enhance their experience on the club, and to support the sport of swimming in the community. While our coaching team focus on what we call the “wet side” or “on deck” KING experience through coaching and training, the KING Boosters are dedicated to assisting you with any questions or issues on the "dry side" of KING – volunteer coordination, fund raising, on-boarding new families, to name a few. Being new to KING can be overwhelming; our commitment is to do our best to make it easy, clear and a positive experience for you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any non-coaching and non-billing questions you may have throughout the year. Even better, we'd love to have your involvement and input at our monthly board meetings, which are open to all members.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Joe Fitzsimmons - Interim King Boosters Association President

Looking Ahead

In closing, let’s put a stake in the ground. We are collectively going to make the KING Family as great as it can be. If we are all, every one of us, even just a little bit better at what we do, the experience for our athletes and the results in our meets will show incredible progress… and that’s what we are all about!

From our coaching staff and members – past and present - thank you for your membership and for choosing KING. We love this TEAM. It is a privilege to be part of it, for every one of us.  I look forward to another successful season – hopefully the most successful we’ve ever had.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

KING Leadership Team