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2016-2017 KING Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/7/16 - 7/1/17

Open for New Members

7/16/16 - 7/1/17



It's Time for KING's 2016-17 Season Online Registration!

New members, the site will be ready to process your registration on July 16th.  We believe you will find the online registration to be user friendly. Should you have additional questions, give us a call at 206-854-8141, or email us at  

Returning members, the site is now ready to complete your registration for the coming year. For our planning purposes, we would appreciate your registering your athletes as soon as possible. To make the registration process simpler, your swimmer information already exists in the database. All you need to do is use your login email to read and electronically sign the registration agreements. Before finalizing, please review and update any information that may have changed.  

Those who register BEFORE July 31 will receive a 10% discount off of the KING Annual Registration Fee. Registration has increased a bit this year, so if you register now, you pay less than you did last year! You can find more details about what's to come, in Sean's letter below.  Page down and take a read.

And as a final note, please pay close attention to the Work Share Policy changes from the KING Boosters. Your ongoing feedback as a new KING member, and outgoing members, has led to some refinements to the policy and required hours. Please, take the time to read the details. 

Thank you! Onward we go!

Letter from Director Sean Hutchison

Dear KING Swimmers and Parents,

We are on the verge of, or just following, the Olympic Games, depending on when you read this letter. How fun, exciting and compelling is watching the best compete? Seeing what is possible, hearing the stories, feeling the emotion of success - and even failure - is an amazing experience, whether you are at the Games themselves or watching it on TV or on your phone. To us, a secret of success is to feel and channel that emotion into your daily life and accomplishment. 

Following the Olympics, there is this excitement about swimming as a sport, which often brings a rekindled belief in dreams and goals, ranging for anyone from a first-time swimmer, to a long-time coach, to a developing national or regional level athlete. Connecting that dream to a day-to-day process is where great things and an exciting journey live. At our best, as an organization, we provide that experience.  We continue to strive towards making that ‘connection of experience of learning strategy’ to great performance, a habit for our athletes. This philosophy is applicable to anything – not just swimming and is, within the fabric of the KING experience. 

Help us carry the Olympic excitement into the new season!  Give us feedback, both good and things that ‘need work’.  Hold us to the standard of the inspired dream

In the aim of living the inspired dream, we look forward to providing the experience which meets the needs of all of the athletes on our team.  Thank you for joining in that effort.

KING’s success continues with some great accomplishments this past season:

  • The streak: Winning Pacific Northwest Swimming Champs for the 25th Time in a Row!!!
  • 10 KING Swimmers competing at the US Olympic Swimming Trials, with 1 finalist.
  • 5 National Age Group Records
  • 43 Pacific Northwest Records
  • 86 New KING Club Records

Program changes:

This year, we are happy to say, we have kept monthly training fees intact – unchanged - for the 2016-2017 season!  We are mindful of your budget and keep that in mind every year in creating our operational plan. With that, you will notice a slight increase in registration costs, due to growing expenses in that category, along with a $1.50 administration fee per billing cycle.

One of the cost increases is in pool rental fees. We have limited access to pools due to an increase in swim programs and teams in our market paired with a decrease in available pool sites throughout the area. The best way for us to secure the best practice times and rates for our team is to have as accurate of a headcount by group, as early in the season as possible. With that, we will be offering a 10% discount on KING’s Annual Registration fees for families who register BEFORE July 31. Please note this does not apply to the USA Swimming registration fee for families who register for two or more athletes.

Within the program itself, we have split the Physical Genius Group into two segments:  PG-1 and PG-2.

PG1 (Aimed at 8&Unders): 

Goal:  To acquire the skills necessary for a successful and enjoyable participation in the KING program. The best chance for healthy and successful athletics of any kind is built on the cornerstone of great fundamental technique.  PG-1 aims towards transitioning the athletes’ techniques from swim lessons, summer league, or other programs into success at KING. 

PG2 (Aimed at 9-11 year olds):

Goal:  The continuation of skill acquisition for the developing young athlete, and applying these skills within the context of learning how to compete, and eventually transition into swimming practice which exist in the higher levels within the KING program. Skill comes first. Learning how to execute upon those skills within a practice comes second. PG-2 is focused on the deeper learning and beginning execution of those skills.


Tentative Meet Schedule for 2016-2017 

Tentative Practice Schedule for 2016-2017 - 1

Tentative Practice Schedule for 2016-2017 - 2

KING Competition Lessons: 

Many of you have accessed our world-class coaching staff for private or semi-private lessons.  We have made the sign up and payment process easier through online registration and payment.  Sign up will be available on the website soon. Give your swimmers more opportunity for success and help our coaches refine their teaching skills even more! 

KING Booster Club

Last but not least, the KING Booster Club continues as a valuable resource of volunteer and financial support for the KING swimmers.  The coaches and swimmers, in reality, couldn’t run our program without you.  Anything from hospitality to timing at meets to officiating to a myriad of Booster Club management positions, all of these roles work together in concert to support our swimmers and coaching staff.  We can’t thank Maggie Chien enough for the two years as Booster Club President and look forward to new leadership with Jennifer Kabacy. Thank you for all that you do to support the success of the club!  

Please review in detail, the Boosters Work Share Policy. The Boosters have been listening to the feedback from new and outgoing KING families, and have refined elements of the volunteer program and requirements.  Familiarize yourself with these changes, as you register, and access anytime on the KING website.

In closing, let’s, together, carry the Olympic excitement not just into this new year but into subsequent years, in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. More importantly, let’s weave together that inspired dream to day-to-day strategies of learning. If we all do that, together, we will surprise ourselves as to how far we can go!

Thank you for your membership and choosing KING. It is a privilege to be a part of this team, and I look forward to another successful season for our team.

Best wishes and good luck!

Sean Hutchison

KING Director, 2008 US Olympic Coach