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Welcome to the KING 2014-15 online registration.

New members, we believe you will find the online registration to be user friendly. Should you have additional questions, give us a call at 206-306-6040.

Returning members, your swimmer information exists in the database. You need only use your login email to read and electronically sign the registration agreements. Please update any information that may have changed.

Letter from Director Sean Hutchison

KING Swimmers and Parents,

As we look to a new year, 2014-2015, with KING, it’s a good time to both reflect on the past year and look towards improvements within the club in the coming year.  The change in seasons is also an opportunity to reaffirm the values and vision which makes KING great.


KING itself is a winning organization.  We have, over the past 12 years, won consistently more than any club on the west coast.  Even more impressive, we have done that under my tutelage as the coach of the top group, under Tommy Hannan’s, and now under Doug and Ash’s.  In a similar manner to a great university dynasty or an exceptional professional franchise, only the best organizations are successful across managerial (coaching) changes.

The takeaway:  KING wins and we will keep on winning! We have the best system, structure, and vision and will continue to outdo any and all comers.


As the end of the first year of Ash and Doug’s leadership, we have some pretty impressive accomplishments to report:

  •             USA Swimming Gold Medal Club – once again, the only one in the Northwest
  •             2014 Short Course Senior Sectional Champions – Men, Women, Combined
  •             2014 Age Group Regional Champions
  •             2013 Washington State Senior Champions
  •             2013 14&Under Champions
  •             Over 15 Individual PNS records
  •             Over 30 Individual KING records

That’s what I call domination! The summer’s not over yet. Great job KING Swimmers and Coaches!

 KING 2014-15 Meet Schedule

KING 2014-15 (2014 General Fall Practice Schedule)

KING Premier

We are adding a new optional program in 2014-15, called KING Premier.

As we look back over the successful endeavors in the last 12 years, one of the main contributors to success has been the education of both our parents and athletes.  We have been both diligent and not as diligent as we should be over the years in offering a high level of education.  Diligent or no, the education was never structured for members. 

In considering ways to improve the TEAM, I realized we have access to some pretty impressive folks who can add significant value to our parent members’ experience.  In addition, a more formalized feedback/education experience for any athlete on the TEAM is invaluable. 

The intention of KING Premier is to offer high level exposure to best in the world quality experts at low cost.  Yes, we do need to charge a fee as there are additional costs to the TEAM to run the program.  We do not wish to take away from our already tight operating budget to add the experience.  For what a participating family gains, this program is an incredible bargain.

For Swimmers in the Premier Program:

  • -          3 filming sessions per year with feedback from the KING coaching staff (within the 1st month of the swim calendar, following the winter short course championships, and at the beginning of long course season)
  • -          2 clinics led by one of the head coaches or director and/or an Olympic athlete

Speaker Series for Parents in the Premier Program:

  • -          Dr. Tim Wei:  Dean of Engineering at University of Nebraska.  Dr. Wei and I were published in the International Annual Review for Fluid Mechanics for the work we did in understanding the physics of swimming – and, as a result, how to make them faster.  Learn what makes swimmers great.
  • -          Dr. Ross Flowers:  former US Olympic Committee sport psych.  If you want to know the psychology of great athletes and how to be a better sport parent for your athlete, this is your chance.
  • -          Dr. Shawn Hueglin: US Olympic Committee Sport Dietitian. Want to know what to feed your athletes?  She’s the top of the top.
  • -          Ken Cole, PT. Ken is a partner at Olympic Physical Therapy in Seattle.  Ken will talk about how important being healthy and technically excellent makes you a better swimmer and less prone to long term injury.  Not only has Ken worked with some of KING’s top athletes, he works with USA Figure Skating, US Ski team, and is a regular speaker at international physical therapy conventions.
  • -          Amanda Beard: Winning medals in four Olympics for the USA, Amanda is one of the most decorated female Olympians in history.  Amanda is a new KING swimmer, a mom, model, author and all around great person.  Amanda’s experiences offer significant perspectives every parent should hear as they strive to support their swimmers.
  • -          Sean Hutchison:  US Olympic Coach.  Director of KING. What is KING? Hear the origin of what made KING great and why. 

KING Genius – Evolution

We have heard you and we love it. More IKKOS for the younger kids!!

We are combining the Novice and Developmental programs and rolling them into one KING Genius Program.  From a personnel standpoint, this enables us to run the KING Genius (IKKOS driven) program better.

We are in process of hiring a KING Genius Manager to ensure the program is run as it is intended.  

Coach Training

Other than that, on the performance side, we are adding more pronounced and regular training opportunities for our coaching staff.  We aim to do this better than any team in the country.  This begins with a more robust than ever few day training session in September of the new season.  Ash, Doug and I are very excited about adding this to the coaching staff.

Thank You!

On staff, we have many unsung heroes.  Two I always like to thank for their behind the scenes greatness are:

Keith Ure:  Keith has been with KING longer than KING has been KING.  (Say that five times fast).   Many of the top athletes on the KING record board, from top to bottom, were coached by Keith.  He is a mentor to every coach on staff and spends a lot of time ensuring our meet entries are done well.  We would not have been the same team with the same success over the years without Keith’s consistent leadership.  Thank you, Keith!

Lisa Vetterlein: Lisa is our fearless office manager.  She keeps all of the ducks in a row for the members and coaches.  Lisa has twin daughters who recently finished their successful swimming and university careers.  Lisa was once the KING Booster President and continues to officiate at many levels for USA Swimming.  Thank you, Lisa for all the great work you do!

KING Booster Thank you:

All of our KING volunteers are important to the CLUB.  We couldn’t run things as well as we do without you.  A special thank you from the staff to these especially demanding jobs performed over the last year on the volunteer side of the KINGdom:

            KING Booster President:  Lesley Hogan/ Amy Eha

            Meet Directors:  Tara Ross/Julia Hansen 

This year will be great!

We look forward to watching this year unfold as we continue to improve the opportunities for learning and success for our TEAM.  Thank you all for being part of the path towards helping our athletes do things beyond what they thought they were capable of achieving.


Sean Hutchison