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Welcome to the KING 2015-16 Season Online Registration!

New members, the site will be ready to process your registration on July 16th.  We believe you will find the online registration to be user friendly. Should you have additional questions, give us a call at 206-854-8141, or email us at  

Returning members, the site is now ready to complete your registration for the coming year. For our planning purposes, we would appreciate your registering your athletes as soon as possible. To make the registration process simpler, your swimmer information already exists in the database. All you need to do is use your login email to read and electronically sign the registration agreements. Before finalizing, please review and update any information that may have changed. 

Thank you! Onward we go!

Letter from Director Sean Hutchison

KING Swimmers and Parents,

What a great year of building progress and continuing achievement!  The KING coaching and support staff are excited about finishing the current year strongly.  We are even more excited about the coming 2015-2016.  Based off of the work we’ve all done, we’ve set the stage for some great experiences and performances, from the newer members of the team in KING Genius to the National Group during 2016, the Olympic year!

We continue to look for ways to improve from a performance, cultural and organizational standpoint.  We made some great pivots this last year in an effort to get better.  One of the best examples of improvement was putting even more focus on the KING Genius program. In doing so, we turned a promising program with some problems into an amazing program. While there are still areas to refine, we saw visible, measurable and positive results in the development of the swimming techniques and the competitive spirit of our young athletes.  This stuff is exciting!

2014 – 2015 KING Accomplishments & Improvements:

This past swim year, KING was spectacular with an eye for the future.  Collectively, we:

  • Were awarded USA Swimming Gold Medal Club status, once again, the only one in the Northwest!
  • 10 National Age Group Records were broken and Re-broken in 2014-2015!
  • Won Senior Sectionals (Women, Combined) once again.
  • Won our 25th Pacific Northwest Swimming Championship in a row!!
  • Won Age Group Sectionals with the best team performance at that meet in over 10 years!
  • Saw truly monumental improvement out of the KING Genius Program.  It was awesome! If you were able to make it to a mini meet this year, you understand my excitement.
  • Successfully hosted the US Junior National Meet.

Looking ahead to the 2015-2016 year, we are now unveiling:

  • A new KING logo!
  • A new KING Aquatic Club app, you’ll find in the app stores!

All in all, we’ve done some great work – the swimmers, the parents, the KING Booster Club and the KING coaches.  With that, it’s a springboard for even more impressive achievements to come,  and we are already actively focused on improving for the 2015-2016 season.  Let me call out some of the things we are rolling out this coming season.

Our tentative meet schedule for 2015-2016:

2015 - 2016 Meet Schedule 

2015 - 2016 General Training Schedule

KING Programs

Through the year, we piloted some new KING programs and are adding a couple more to augment the TEAM’s member offerings.  Our goal is to expand our reach to give quality coaching opportunities for even more swimmers and to create more opportunity to our current parents and athletes. 

New 2015- 2016 Programs:

KING Aquatic Club App:  The KING app allows coaches, parents, and swimmers to utilize IKKOS technology through their smartphones. You’ll be able to augment your pool learning while at home.  The KING Aquatic Club app is available in iTunes and Google Play stores.  Check it out and take advantage of the free week trial.

KING Competition Lessons:  Many of you have accessed our world-class coaching staff for private or semi-private lessons.  We have made the sign up and payment process easier through online registration and payment.  Sign up will be available on the website soon. Give your swimmers more opportunity for success and help our coaches refine their teaching skills even more! 

Race and Pace:  This program is aimed towards swimmers – current KING and new members - who have summer league or high school swim team experience.  This is a great opportunity for high school or summer league swimmers to have access to a great KING coach, but with a lesser level of commitment.  The program is designed to refine swimming skills and technique through closer attention, which is difficult in a summer league or high school environment.  At KING, we support and encourage summer league and high school participation!  Race and Pace is the secret weapon in getting your summer or high school teammates to a faster rate of improvement.

Masters:  Hey, you!  Parents!  Jump in the pool.  You need it.  You’ll feel better!  You know you will!  You’ll remember how much you liked swimming, or you can learn how to live through a practice.  We want you!!  And, as a bonus, you get a KING trained coach to run you through the paces.

Masters Dryland:  This program is for parents who don’t have the background to get in the pool and swim around with the KING Masters team, but you’re at the pool wanting to be active rather than sitting around.  Join the KING Masters Dryland group for a directed workout from a KING trained coach.  It’s fun and challenging!

KING Booster Club

Last but not least, the KING Booster Club continues to provide a valuable resource base of volunteer and financial support for our KING swimmers’ success.  Led by President Maggie Liu, the Boosters ran a whole season of meets, including successfully hosting the US Junior National meet in December, 2014.  In addition, led by Corrine Chan last year and again this coming year, our Boosters head up what is always one of the most successful Swim-A-Thon campaigns in all of USA Swimming.  We truly have a great group of volunteers who go under-appreciated and spend hours and hours of work towards helping our KING athletes have a great experience.  Thank you Boosters and all of the volunteers!!

The 2015-2016 year could be our best ever.  It’s the Olympic year.  Let’s rally around the excitement of improving our club towards being one of the best teams in the world!   That can be accomplished if we all remember, AND ACT, on the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to be great!

Thank you for active and engaged participation with KING.  We’re happy to have you, and are looking forward to a terrific year!

Sean Hutchison